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[108] Sardinia – Important hotel.

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The hotel is situated 7 Km away from Carloforte, the only town in the Island of San Pietro, a 10 minutes’ drive away from wonderful beaches. The hotel stretches over a well-kept garden of 7000 square metres, with a swimming pool surrounded by palm and pine trees, whereas the tennis court is enveloped by the scents of the maquis. It has been operating since 2000, and we annually carry out the necessary maintenance works to keep it always welcoming and comfortable.


The 8 doors on the ground floor all boast a private terrace with a direct access to the garden, whereas some of the 5 doors on the first floor have either a window or a small balcony.


On the ground floor, facing the swimming pool and the garden, there is the air conditioned bar room/restaurant for 150 people and an appealing arbour up to the edge of the swimming pool for another 300 people. The outdoor terrace can be fenced by PVC windows and heated by 2 patio heaters for such events as New Year Eve’s dinners, parties or meetings.


In “December 2007” all the furniture of the rooms has been changed, the bar renovated along with the reception, and an office for management realized.


Next to the central body there is a building of approximately 400 square meters, where an additional number of 12 rooms and a mini-apartment/suite equipped with building permit are envisaged. Given the particularity of the hotel, it can also be sold as a villa, thanks to the possibility of applying for a change of the destination of use.


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