"Art does not consist in representing new things, but in representing with innovation". Ugo Foscolo


The name of the brand is inspired by one of the greatest expressions of Nature, Eucalyptus Deglupta or Rainbow Tree, a rare species of arboreal plant that stands out for the stunning colours of its rind, similar to the rainbow.

More precisely, the brand makes reference to the general anatomy of trees, thus creating an evocative analogy which attempts to explain its process of working.

-Roots: they represent the artists, the essential basis to create each product.

-Trunk: it is art, the driving power of the initiative. Each painter, albeit with different styles and methods, shares the passion and the will of painting to raise emotions.

-Branches: they are the several possible directives for art, that can be applied to different fields of production.

-Leaves: they are the final products,  as unique and irreproducible as the leaves themselves.

By recalling Nature, Deglupta wants to express an innovative message, trying to represent any possible meaning of art in a spontaneous  way.

What best way to bring an art project to life than drawing inspiration from a real artwork of Nature?


An Italian business using only creativity, Deglupta creates innovative projects: paintings of living contemporary artists, painted on hides and fabrics, become the new raw material through which bags sewn by hand-picked artisans are created.

The goal is to offer an elegant and exclusive way of enjoying art, with dynamism and functionality.


Insight, passion and creativity describe not only a brand, but also a concept: when buying a Deglupta product, you become aware of owning a unique piece of art that is irreproducible. It’s not just an  accessory, rather a genuine painting proposed in a different shape, rediscovering the Made in Italy as a synonym of excellence.

By fostering artistic research, Deglupta attempts to claim the importance of one of the most precious disciplines in our cultural panorama, highlighting its value in an innovative and sophisticated way. Everything can be painted - just notice it  


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