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Its long experience in providing consulting to businesses, backed up by the actual proven success of 86% of fully met results, has given us the possibility of getting in contact with and operating in markets in different locations around the world.

First and foremost of these is the Russian market, where we have been present for more than 10 years with our own office, several of our companies and various businesses.


The website that you are currently viewing benefits from and puts to good use this wealth of knowledge accumulated through its constant active presence in the country and it can allow you to methodically reach the top levels of the Russian public, primarily entrepreneurs, investors and capital managers.

Here our best offers from the Italian and Swiss business world are located and presented, aimed at all sectors and types of requirement related to searching for shareholders, buyers, partners and businesses operating in the building, industry, commerce and tourism and hotel organisation sector.


We have always made sure that the solutions on offer are reliable, authentic and truthful, which serves as a guarantee for those who intend to start serious negotiations, which we follow every step of the way by providing assistance, during inspections right up to the conclusion of the deal.


Consultants & Partners has an office in Switzerland and one in Moscow, in addition to a network of consultants in Italy.

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