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 Consultants & Partners Headquarters of Italian companies in Moscow


Vipinitalia exhibits and promotes Italian companies operating in partnership with the Moscow office of Consulenti & Partners, a group that since 2003 has been present on the Russian / Eurasia market in support of Italian entrepreneurs in their integration and development in the market.


Today Consulenti & Partners has become the most qualified and privileged partner of the small Italian business, for the business in the Eurasia, UEE, Eurasian Economic Union market to which Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan belong to today.


With the now proven formula of the partnership, Consulenti & Partners acts as the headquarters in Moscow of Italian companies that want to operate in this vast market area.


As the headquarters / office of the same Italian company, Consulenti & Partners, it operates commercially as if it were the company itself on the spot, taking on the complete management of every market "factor": presentation, promotion and negotiation, transport and customs clearance, administration, guarantees , after sales and problem solving.


Consulenti & Partners has at its core every competence with specialists who deal directly with: transport and customs clearance, certifications, currency transactions, commercial management, administrative management, marketing, guarantees, problem solving, opening and corporate domiciliation, and .... .......... much more.



The general management of Consulenti & Partners is Italian with over ten years of experience in business management and the Russian market, and the operational and administrative management of Russian speaking Italian collaborators allow the Moscow office of Consulenti & Partners to act as it would do the same Italian entrepreneur in his market.

Consulenti & Partners is already the legal seat of various Italian companies that have commissioned us to open, activate, manage and administer their own company in Moscow.

Italian companies with the partnership of Consulenti & Partners thus offer the interlocutor of this market area a direct relationship, without intermediaries, with the possibility of operating in the local language, with local specialists, offering real guarantees in the area and not at a distance, with the possibility of immediate resolution of any problem and need, and with constant support in commercial, contractual and personal relationships.


Thus, in this market area, Italian companies have their own office, managed in autsorcisng, by an Italian management on the spot that responds and works for the same Italian company, with internal project managers who take care of the company and the presentation of the product working directly from the offices of the Moscow office of Consulenti & Partners.


This creates direct relationships between Italian companies and interlocutors in this market, without additional costly steps, without expensive intermediaries, fully assisted in the local language, with all the guarantees offered in the area, without the difficulties of international distance.

Reports that allow to obtain the best market conditions, the best contractual treatments, an excellent regulation and control of the market for the respect of exclusive areas, a fast and effective problem solving, a particular customer care.


Italian companies interested in the partnership with Consulenti & Partners are accepted only after reliability checks and on-site inspections to ascertain the product and production, verification of the target customers served, and view the commercial proposals for the home and foreign markets.

The companies are contracted after these checks and sign a clause which commits them to offer the best price in the Russian Area market at the best possible conditions.

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