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The Consultants & Partners group has been active in the Russian market for many years, promoting the best Italian and Swiss companies and offering often exclusive high-quality services and products, in addition to seeking and carrying out real estate operations, investments and partnerships.


The website Vipinitalia is an initiative of Consultants and Partners and was launched 5 years ago as a website for services and to offer investments in Italy and Switzerland, countries where other businesses of the group are located.


The huge success achieved by the first Vipinitalia website and the considerable experience acquired in this type of activity led to the current decision to create a new Vipinitalia website.


It was created in a highly professional format, was extended to include proposals from specific sectors and is organised in such a way as to meet the requirements of the thousands of VIP customers we have come in contact with over all these years.


These requirements involved a varied number of sectors but were very important in high-touch business (the top market segment), e.g. real estate investments in Italy and Switzerland, purchases or partnerships in companies, prestigious properties, fur and exclusive clothing, high-standing furniture, items and works of art, paintings and sculptures, and jewellery.

In the services field, on the other hand, they involved beauty clinics, special and exclusive trips, luxury hotels and spas and health centres.


After carefully selecting the advertisers, the current format of the site was born, which presents reliable and qualified companies and professionals who our VIP clientele can contact through various channels.


As well as publicising the website in various different manners, including by targeting those directly interested, the solutions on offer are also promoted by sending e-mails to the tens of thousands of contacts gathered in our precious database, where thousands of interested parties are registered, among which entrepreneurs, managers and directors, banks and bankers, manufacturers, financial groups and many others in the upper-middle to upper echelons of Russian society.

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